About us

Your Partners in Technology

Established in 2004, Mindshare Technical Sales is a leading electronic component manufacturers’ rep organization. Headquartered in Arizona, Mindshare supports the electronic design community through exclusive representation of semiconductor and electro-mechanical component manufacturers.

Our firm is differentiated by our energetic and aggressive approach to producing revenue growth.

Proudly serving the Southwest since 2004

Including Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, West Texas & The Northern Mexico Border Region

How We Go To Market

Ownership In the Field

Our owners are your field sales team. We have a vested interest in working together to achieve mutual success.

Demand Creation

Greater than 90% of our time is spent with engineering. We bring high quality opportunities from high quality customers.

Focused Line Card

We keep a focused line card of synergistic suppliers allowing us to provide “Mindshare” to each of our partners.

Central Office Hub

Our team comes together daily to collaborate on technology, customers and territory dynamics.

Dedicated to Growth

We have a consistent track record of outpacing the local market through strong YoY revenue growth.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be an indispensable partner to our suppliers while bringing valued insight, solutions and technology to our customers.

Our Line Card












Design Support

Go Further – Faster

Mindshare has a network of over 150 certified design consultants in the United States. Each has their own specialty spanning IoT, LED Lighting, Medical, Motor Control, Security, Display Integration and Wireless Communication. 

Customers turn to us when they are in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. We have partners who can provide hardware, software, CAD design or even full turnkey manufacturing services.

Let us help you go from the napkin to production faster and cheaper…

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